Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Only 169 days left...

Wow am I exhausted. My kinders have been in school for a full week now and they are learning the routines. Good thing, we had a two hour training this afternoon so they had a sub. I so wish they wouldn't do this so early in the year when we are still working on routines but they seemed to handle it fine. Probably the craziest thing about today was the fact that there was a short in the electrical panel in one of the outlying buildings where the AC chiller is and it set the fire alarm off TWICE!! Each time entailed the fire dept coming out and everyone standing in the hot sun for 20 minutes. The second time was just as we were heading to lunch so needless to say, lunch was cut a little short. My kids have developed a love for Pete the Cat. I made a pattern today to make Pete and his 4 Groovy Buttons. I guess tomorrow I will see how it turns out and who can cut. I meant to make it today before I lost my daughter to college classes but it just didn't happen. I may be crazy to attempt it alone but only time will tell. I will try to post a picture if they come out decent. This group is really good at drawing but cutting is a whole different thing.

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